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Health and Neuropsychological Functioning of Dentists Exposed to Mercury



University of Calgary on mercury
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Treatment and Case Histories

Video on Mercury Vapor


Biological Dentistry


Flouride-free Dentists


Remineralizing Dental Cement

Remineralizing dental cements contain source(s) of calcium and phosphate ions, adhesive resin monomers, reinforcing base resin monomers, and catalysts able to initiate the polymerization of the adhesive and reinforcing base resin monomers. Such dental cements can be used as orthodontic cements, crown and bridge cements, adhesives, sealants, cavity liners, and protective coatings. The release of calcium and phosphate ions and, optionally, fluoride ions, protects tooth structure from demineralization, a precursor of tooth decay.


Oral Spirochetes

"If oral spirochetes are detected during an examination, appropriate measures will be taken to avoid this insidious bacterium from causing any further ill effects to our patients."
St. Louis, MO, United States


Correlations Between Teeth and Organs as well as Emotions


The Future

Filling without Drilling

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