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Miswak Sticks and Powder

There are several ways to use peelu. The traditional way is to peel half an inch or so of the outer bark and chew the end until the fibers separate. Then, the "brush" is used in an up and down motion on the teeth, usually starting from the gum and moving away from the gums. Some people prefer a circular motion or chewing. Others like to dip a conventional toothbrush or miswak stick into peelu or some other tooth powder or essential oil to augment the miswak action. Peelu is also an ingredient in the Auromere toothpastes offered on this site. We also have Peelu Powder and Toothpaste.

For much of the world, cleaning the teeth with a stick remains the main method of tooth care. Nylon toothbrushes were only introduced in 1938 and the natural bristle toothbrush was invented in 1844. In short, while the use of miswak is considered by some to be a traditional and preferred method of tooth care by many traditional socieities, the alternatives that are familiar are actually quite modern.

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Miswak Stick

Miswak sticks can be used instead of a toothbrush. No paste or powder is required.

Contents: one slim miswak sticks, individually wrapped.


Miswak Sticks, three

Miswak sticks can be used instead of a toothbrush. No paste or powder is required.

Please see the

Contents: three miswak sticks, individually wrapped.


Peelu Tooth Powder Peppermint, 2.5 oz.

Peelu Dental Fibers features the natural, 100% non-abrasive, bristle-like particles of Peelu fiber in a finely ground, easy-to-apply powder. An extra-strength dental product, Peelu Dental Fibers protects like nothing else to give you beautiful, clean, white teeth. It also preserves and protects tooth enamel and helps remove plaque. When the Dental Fibers come in contact with moisture, they swell and become soft for thorough, damage-free cleaning.

Directions: Wet toothbrush, shake off excess water, sprinkle fibers onto brush, and thoroughly brush teeth. Repeat as necessary.

Contents: Peelu fibers, natural oil of peppermint, sorbic acid.



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