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Oral Thrush


Thrush is a yeast infection of the mucus membrane lining of the mouth and tongue. Essential oils are very potent. They can be added to a mouthwash or warm water or even to oil used for oil pulling. In general one drop to a cup of water is more than enough for three or four mouth rinses. Exceeding the recommended dose is not recommended and anything used to gargle or rinse should be spit out, not swallowed.


Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, organic, steam distilled, 5 ml.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, organic, 5 ml.

Cinnamon is often used as a bactericide or for lowering blood sugar. It is also antifungal and antimicrobial. It is irritating and should not be used on skin; however, it can be used to purify air and reduce risks from airborne pathogens. It can also be used as a flavoring or to relieve abdominal bloating and flatulence. It combines exceptionally well with orange essential oil.

Contents: steam distilled essential oil of organic Cinnamomum burmannii bark.


Kolorex Gel Caps

Kolorex, Advanced Candida Care, 60 gel caps

Kolorex is the name for a New Zealand herb, horopito, with pronounced antifungal properties. The extract is in a base of olive oil, glycerin, and purified water. The normal dosage is one per day, but some people can take two. Please note that the capsules are not vegetarian.

Contents: each softgel contains 2.5 mg Pseudowintera colorata extract from Red Leaf Horopito in olive oil, glycerin, and purified water in a soft gelatin capsule.


Lavender Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil

Lavender, Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil, 5 ml.

Lavender is one of the best known essential oils. It was added to bath water in Roman times and is associated with both cleanliness and deeper forms of hygiene, such as wound care, including serious abscesses. It is antispasmodic and soothing and is believed to lower high blood pressure and relieve headaches. It is non-toxic and non-irritating and blends well with lemon and peppermint when taken to reduce spasms and relax nerves.

Lavender essential oil can be added to shampoo and/or conditioner — approximately one drop per ounce — as well as to ice cream, cheesecake, and rice pudding and many other culinary dishes. It imparts nuance and interest and lengthens the shelf life of the foods, but a little is better than too much.

Contents: certified organic steam distilled essential oil of Lavendula angustifolia from Bulgaria.


Periodontal Mouthwash, 2 oz.

This product is intended to be diluted in water and used as an oral rinse. It is antiseptic and astingent and improves oral hygiene.

Contents: Alchemilla vulgaris herb, Echinacea angustifolia root, Hydrastis canadensis root, Salvia officinalis leaf, Spilanthes acmella herb, Commiphora molmol resin, Eucalyptus globulus leaf, organic alcohol, distilled water, and pure vegetable glycerin.


Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil, organic, 5 ml.

Rosemary is stimulating and can be used where there is drowsiness and/or sluggish elimination. It is also antifungal and is often considered for used with candida and is especially indicated where there is pulmonary congestion. It has been shown to be clinically effective against staphylococcus and streptococcus. It should not be used during pregnancy or by people suffering from epilepsy. It blends well with many other oils: basil, ginger, lavender, lemon, and peppermint.

Contents: steam distilled essential oil of certified organic flowering tops of Rosmarinus officinalis ct. cineole.


Thyme Essential Oil, organic, 5 ml.

Thyme can be used internally or externally. It is antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant, and vermifugal (especially against hookworms.) Thyme has been used for thousands of years as a culinary as well as medicinal herb. It is a common ingredient in mouthwashes and retards plaque formation and gingivitis. You can combine thyme with rosemary, lemon, or tea tree.

Contents: steam distilled essential oil of certified organic Thymus vulgaris ct.linalool.



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