Intraoral Camera, 8 LED

Intraoral Camera, 8 LED0.5



This intraoral camera has 8 LED lights for extremely bright visibility. It has a 1/4 CMOS sensor and allows magnification up to 50 times the original size. It operates off a USB computer port in the same manner as a webcam. It is a 4 MP camera with a mount that can be attached to the edge of a monitor or wall. The camera is used with a transparent sleeve that protects the electronics and improves hygiene. It comes with a pack of 50 sleeves. Software can be downloaded online.

Weight 0.7 oz

4 MP Intraoral Camera, 50 sheaths, and holder. This does NOT come with a monitor. The monitor is simply shown to demonstrate the quality of the images. The camera sold on this site is like the one under the monitor.

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