Affiliate Program for Toxic Teeth


The affiliate program is available for those engaged in the following areas of interest and focus:

1. Health care professionals

2. Webinar participants whose participation was certified

3. Online social networkers and bloggers who offer responsible advice based on personal experience or research

4. Those who refer interested persons but who do not themselves counsel in any manner

The purpose of the affiliate program is to allow informed individuals with an interest in the focal area, in this case oral hygiene and health, to make a commission by referring people in their circles to  All representations regarding the products must be honest and conform to government guidelines.  If you are not sure what you can and cannot say, it is better to refer people to sources of additional information.

If you have a practice, a health foods store, or your own web site, you would probably be entitled to wholesale pricing, but referrals can still work if you do not want to carry inventory.

The idea of the affiliate program is to share information, encouragement, and profits.  Think of the affiliate plan as if you are a part owner of the web site.  You do not have responsibility for operations and management, but you are helping those with health issues to find reliable products.

Disbursements will be made on a monthly basis if the accrued commission for that period is $100 or more.  If it is less, you will be offered store credit.  If the store credit is not used, you will be eligible for disbursement whenever the closing date for a month is $100 or more.  If the commission does not reach $100, you can claim it at the end of the year, but you can always request that the balance is offered as store credit.


If you want to participate please follow this link to read and accept the agreement

If you already part of the program, please continue to login:


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