Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil is offered on this site for quite a number of reasons. It can be used for oil pulling, but it need not be used full strength. It combines very well with pumpkin oil which has some excellent properties in its own right. Of course, it can also be combined with toothpaste and tooth powder. The taste is rather strong so mixing it with other oils makes it more palatable.

As a dietary supplement, Black Seed Oil is cardioprotective. Since oral infections can affect the heart, this is another reason to include Black Seed Oil in the diet. It tastes quite all right when used as a major ingredient in a salad dressing.

However, one of the main reasons for offering this interesting oil on this site is that it has radioprotective properties that should be considered in relationship to dental x-rays. For best results, take the oil for several weeks prior to exposure to radiation. If this is not possible, take what you can before exposure to radiation.

There are numerous other reasons to include Black Seed Oil in one’s daily regimen when detoxifying the body of allergens, pathogens, and foreign substances. Black Seed Oil has many properties that help to lower histamine levels while simultaneously providing protection for gastric mucosa from irritants. Black Seed Oil is both an antioxidant and nootropic supplement. This is important when there has been exposure to substances that affect the brain and cognitive functions. Adding it to the diet helps both memory and regeneration.

At the levels used for therapeutic benefits, there are no known toxicities related to the use of Black Seed Oil.

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