Pineal Gland

There is a surprising amount of blood circulating through the pineal gland. When born, the gland is generally normal, but exposure to fluoride can cause gradual calcification of the gland. This is detectable sometimes in infants as young as twelve months of age, but is readily seen by the age of three in areas with fluoridated water. By adulthood, an estimated 70-85% of Americans have lost the ability to use this gland for the purposes intended. While other chemicals contribute to this crisis, fluoride is the main culprit. Detoxifying the gland requires a multi-pronged approach that includes avoidance of substances that harm the pineal gland. Careful use of lighting and avoidance of light pollution, especially while sleeping, is also advisable. In addition, there are some herbs that be used internally and externally to promote detoxification and decalcification of the pineal gland.

Among the substances to avoid would be fluoridated water and toothpaste. Since fluoride can be absorbed through the skin, even the water used for bathing should be filtered. Though fluoride is not added to all municipal water supplies, it is pervasive in the United States. Besides toothpaste, fluoride is also found in various dental and medical products and some processed food. Regardless of the arguments proffered to justify its use, fluoride is a toxin and it does interfere with the functioning of the pineal gland as well as our capacity to understand our relationship to our spiritual essence.

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