Chaste Berry Extract, 2 oz.



Chaste berries are female hormone regulators. The active properties of the small berries are  thought to work through the pituitary body, not directly on the hormones of the reproductive system. Because the responses are regulated by the pituitary body, there are sometimes misunderstandings about how and why this and the opposite might both be true, i.e., the berries may suppress libido or promote fertility.  If one thinks about regulating rather than stimulating, it may be easier to understand this interesting Mediterranean herb.

Chaste berries are often referred to as monk’s peppers because they were traditionally used in convents and monasteries to help people of the cloth to uphold their vows of chastity.  Going back even further, they were used in ancient Greece by virgins who wished to remain chaste, ergo the interesting name of this plant. Written references date back at least to Homer’s Iliad.

Though this extract can be considered by both men and women, it is especially indicated where there is excess estrogen and low progesterone. This herb is the cornerstone of many Western gynecological programs, including changes that occur at puberty and menopause as well as during the menstrual cycle. In today’s world, chaste berries are widely used to ease the discomfort preceding menstruation, including breast tenderness, migraines, and emotional swings.

It might be noted that chaste berries are also used to relieve paralysis and nerve pain, some of which might be related to toxins.

In the context of this web site and its objectives, Chaste Berry Extract is offered to help offset the hazards associated with exposure to xenoestrogens.  As such, it not just progesterogenic but antiestrogenic as well as antiandrogenic.  This differentiates it from herbs that are precursors to estrogen, the idea being that more estrogen will fill estrogen receptor sites and thereby make it harder for xenoestrogens to disrupt how hormones should work.  Chaste berries appear overall to favor progesterone and this makes it a safer choice for some people, depending, of course, on personal needs.

Please Note:  The action is typically slow and gradual and may take several months before results are obvious.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Ingredients & Brand

1:3.5 Extract of Vitex agnus castus, Fresh Fruit and Organic Grain Alcohol.

Alcohol Content: 39-41%.

Brand: Sacred Medicine Sanctuary


Vitex agnus castus is bitter and somewhat pungent, spicy.  It can be used in lieu of black peppercorns, but it is more bitter than hot.


If using pharmaceutical medicines for treatment of disease or for birth control or hormone replacement, please consult with your health care provider before using.


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