Fuchs Travel Toothbrush, soft


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Nylon bristle brushes are the most common type of toothbrushes worldwide. Fuchs makes very high quality nylon brushes with full “end rounding” and polishing of the bristles; this critical step ensures that there are no rough bristle ends to harm the gums or the enamel. Unlike other major toothbrush manufacturers, Fuchs utilizes a state of the art end-rounding and polishing process with superior quality control at every stage. All Fuchs toothbrushes have a very dense bristle field, a feature found only on the world’s highest quality toothbrushes. This density prolongs the life of the toothbrush and improves brushing action.

This handy toothbrush comes in a plastic travel case.  The brush end locks into the handle so that the size is about the same as a conventional toothbrush.  Because the brush is usually put back into the case, we strongly recommend using the UVC toothbrush sanitizer to inhibit germ growth on the toothbrush.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in

one travel toothbrush, choice of colors: green, blue, orange. The Pocket Travel Toothbrush even comes with a handy carrying case that doubles as the handle. You simply remove the brush from the case and slide it into the case; this creates a full-size toothbrush in a portable package.

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