Kid’s Bamboo Toothbrush


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Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial which makes it much healthier to use than a conventional toothbrush with a plastic handle. These toothbrushes are not just for children, they are for people who have trouble reaching the back teeth, people who like the feeling of something smaller and easier to maneuver, as well as for those who who prefer bamboo to plastic. The bristles are soft, the shape is comfortable, but we still recommend using a UV sterilizer after each brushing since the bristles themselves are not antimicrobial.

This toothbrush has a bamboo handle BPA-free soft nylon bristles.  The packaging is very eco-sensitive and the brush handle is naturally germ resistant.  The company is based in Seattle and donates one toothbrush to needy children for every brush sold.  Pay it forward!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
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Each package contains two toothbrushes, one with green and white bristles plus one with blue and white bristles. Both have bamboo handles.


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