Kolorex, 60 gel caps

Kolorex, 60 gel caps


Advanced Candida Care


Kolorex is the product name for an oil from a New Zealand plant called horopito that has been traditionally used in Maori medicine and rituals. It is also used in cooking as a substitute for black pepper. The plant contains sesquiterpene dialdehyde polygodiali, an inhibitor of Candida albicans.  Besides being anti-fungal, polygodial is also anti-microbial and insecticidal.  It supports recovery from exposure to fungi.

The highly concentrated extract is in a base of olive oil, glycerin, and purified water. The normal dosage is one per day, but some people can take two. Though well-tolerated, even by children, some die-off is to be expected. Please note that the capsules are not vegetarian.

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Botanical Name

Pseudowintera colorata


each softgel contains 2.5 mg Pseudowintera colorata extract from Red Leaf Horopito in olive oil, glycerin, and purified water in a soft gelatin capsule.



30 gel caps, 60 gel caps