Wild Oregano Essential Oil, 5 ml.


Source: France

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Wild oregano oil is one of the truly important essential oils.  It is an excellent parasiticide and is anti-infective and antifungal.  It supports immunity in the face of a host of microbes and toxins.  It is very potent and is nearly always used diluted, particularly when applied externally.  It should not be used during pregnancy.  It can be blended with other essential oils or herbal extracts.  Try it with lemon.

Contents:  Steam distilled organic leaves and bark of wild Origanum vulgare.

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Certified organic, full strength, steam distilled essential oil of Origanum vulgare.


Our wild oregano oil is not diluted.  Most oils sold in shops are only 10% essential oil in a carrier.  This is full strength and only a very small amount is needed, one drop in room temperature water can be sipped over an entire day or even three days.  For external use, full strength oregano oil will, at minimum tingle.  It could feel too intense for some users so be careful how you use this oil.  You can dilute the oil in carrier such as pumpkin seed oil or sunflower oil.  For swishing, we would suggest pumpkin oil.


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