This site was vastly overhauled in May 2017. Besides adding many new products, there are entirely new sections devoted to some of the nuances of oral health and quality of life. This effort is a major step in grounding my legacy and it has been partly inspired by the seminar on Oral Toxicology in the 1990s in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and partly by the teachings of Morrnah Simeona, my kahuna mentor. She stressed that before healing can occur, the obstacles to healing must be removed. This has to take place on both physical and psychological, levels. Nothing illustrates this issue better than the impact of toxins on both our health and capacity to express ourselves through our brain and nervous system. The loss of cognitive function and ossification of the pineal gland are intimately related to obsolete science and its commercial interests. To address these issues, enormous attention has been directed to regeneration and awakening of the third eye.

Because the issues of mercury and fluoride are pervasive and impact nearly everyone whether directly or indirectly, it would have felt irresponsible to focus on simply the physical aspects of chelation and detoxification. The revisions to the site have therefore set a path for what to avoid, what to do instead of what was the case prior to realizing the hazards posed by common practices and procedures, and how to integrate the new understandings in a hectic modern world where the quest for security often supersedes appreciation for the benefits of health.

Your suggestions are always welcome.

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