The studies of tamarind on fluoride were definitely promising. Plants sometimes have a great affinity for certain elements. I have been trying to find words for this kind of “philia” but they are mouthfuls, like hydrargyrumphilic or hydrargyrumphobic or fluoridophilic (or phobic) but the fact that one plant might have measurably more fluoride than another does not mean that it is not hungry for more. I have been playing with this concept for decades and studying the mineral content of foods and herbs in quest of their secrets but I have little to say except that this concept was raised to a very high level when I was studying bilva, the plant most sacred to Lord Shiva and it is apparently very high in mercury but the issue is not really the mercury but the stability of mercury and there are stable and unstable isotopes and this is what makes for peace or chaos. Obviously, there is much more to learn here, but I can watch this in the microscope and some herbs and minerals create stability whereas some do not seem to have a free radical scavenging ability.

The second “issue” is whether the amount excreted is greater than the amount ingested. If it is, the herb has promise. The third “issue” is very hard to quantify because where humans and pets are concerned, we are looking for subtle changes. We may be able to see a lessening of fluorosis in the teeth but not in the bones and certainly not in the pineal gland. Obviously, scientists will use radiology to assess and that comes with its own risks so my advice is to consume tamarind and try to determine if months from now or years from now, you feel like your soul is governing more of your activities than before. That would be the acid test. Of course, if you become all knowing, that would be proof positive.

Tamarind Extract, 2 oz.


Many of you did write after my lament. Thank you, thank you!. The reason for the diversionary tactics with the email is that I get spammed and overwhelmed. I still have 40 web sites and there are contact forms on all of them and surely you can remember the name of just one of those sites?

Maybe my exuberance clouded some communication but tamarind is one of the new products introduced and it is available on toxicteeth.com, under fluoride.

Ingrid Naiman
17 October 2011