About us


This web site has been a work in progress for more than two decades. It was first developed as a favor for a biological dentist who was, at that time, unfamiliar with how web sites come together.  In a kind of a way, it would be fair to say that my own interest in dentistry started very young, but there were some milestones.

My grandfather was a metallurgist. He was born in Sweden and was for many years connected with the steel industry. He always warned us of the dangers of both aluminum and mercury. Despite these warnings, my mother, who had only porcelain dental restorations, allowed our family dentist to put amalgams into my mouth. Years later, we heard he was notorious for insisting upon absolutely unnecessary work.  Perhaps he fit the profile of drill, fill, and bill.

After some time in the Himalayas, I went to Sweden and saw a proper dentist about cracks in my teeth.  He said the inside of the mouth is warm and the Himalayan air was cold so the jackets on the teeth cracked.  He had no proposals for a solution.

Returning home to Hawaii, the dentist I saw when a tooth broke said that every tooth is connected to a meridian and bodily organ.  It is obviously quite difficult to carry on a conversation with a mouth full of explorers, cotton, drills, suction equipment and who knows what.  In short, one can listen but not ask many questions, but I later traced his understanding to German research and eventually all the way back to Ayurveda and therefore no doubt to even earlier systems of medicine.  Once the exotic aspect of new information and ideas wore off, the elegance of the theory became mesmerizing.

The dentist had a lot of domain names in mind but all that interested him were taken.  I was the one who registered toxicteeth.com but he never particularly liked the name though Boyd Haley seems to have liked it well enough to have chosen the .org version.  We all knew each other so rather than feeling like someone was stepping on my toes, I was a bit flattered.  This said, the content and wits behind the content are different so while I learned a bit from him and his work (and, I believe, vice versa), our backgrounds and interests are different. That said, we no doubt share a common interest in health, my motivation at this time with this completely revamped site, is to empower individuals who are proactive to recover health and memory that have been affected by toxic dental materials and procedures.

This is a very ambitious mission, but as a holistic health care author and consultant, I have seen such terrible consequences from exposures to fluoride, mercury, and xenoestrogens that I simply want to help people to regain control over the way their minds work.  If we can also restore the pineal gland to proper functioning, people will also understand who they are as souls and beings with missions as well as possibly see connections between themselves and others.

The thoughts behind this site have come into focus over many decades, but they are, if anything, more relevant today than they were when I was a child, this because the incidence of both autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease has increased immeasurably as have the risk factors. If we do not both as individuals and members of society tackle the risks, the quality of life is sure to deteriorate.

This said, I am well aware that change requires knowledge and commitment.  Once the toxicity issues and the consequences are understood, there is an opportunity to mitigate the potential for longer-term complications by careful detoxification, changes in life style, and avoidance of exposures that might aggravate existing issues.

For some people, progress may be rapid, meaning in as little as two or three months, people may feel significantly clearer and healthier.  For others, detoxification may take much longer, perhaps several years, but it almost goes without saying that detoxification should, in most cases, precede regeneration and rejuvenation.

The issues raised on this site have solutions and my commitment is to help those on the path of healing to find what they need to improve their health and quality of life.  To this end, I am offering webinars and seminars, all of which will be archived on this site.

With blessings for each visitor and my personal wishes for improved clarity, inproved memory, improved understanding of self, and improved enjoyment of life.

Ingrid Naiman
Poulsbo., Washington
26 May 2017