Mission Statement

In the 1990s, I took a seminar on oral toxicology in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was fascinating and revelatory. Aside from what the semi-initiated, such as myself, already knew about amalgams, root canals, fluoride, radiation, and even anesthetics, there was a wealth of information on biological dentistry, decayed teeth and bones, and microorganisms that inhabit the mouth and often migrate to other parts of the body. In short, while definitely not at that time up-to-speed, there was a new mountain to ascend.

This web site was actually started shortly after that seminar but it was dismantled, hosted again, and dismantled again. At the moment, it is my own site, not a site created for a dentist. The input and erudition or lack thereof are my own so I encourage visitors to the site to do whatever additional research is required before making difficult and sometimes irrevocable decisions regarding dental procedures.

The amount of background required in order to make an “informed decision” is truly astronomical. There are literally hundreds of links to reliable information on fluoride and no doubt that many or more on amalgams. Relying exclusively on your dentist to guide you — and dare one say influence you — can be folly. Dentists tend to be very busy and often unaware of risk factors involved in the procedures they perform. The purpose of this site is to provide links to relevant material on other sites and good products for basic oral hygiene, including some not so familiar practices such as oil pulling, tongue cleaning, use of essential oils with antimicrobial actions, and remineralization of teeth. It is my hope that my many years of information gathering prove useful to others.

Best wishes,

Ingrid Naiman
7 October 2011
Updated 28 April 2017