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It used to be that the main concern people had when choosing a toothpaste consistent with their health requirements was simply whether or not the toothpaste contained mint since it was believed the mint might antidote the homeopathic remedies they were taking. Then, people began to realize how dangerous fluoride is and they sought a fluoride-free toothpaste. Then, attention shifted to sodium lauryl sulfate and now it seems to be mainly on glycerin and whether or not it inhibits remineralization of tooth enamel. We have tried to address each specific requirement and have gone just a bit further than some in seeking out solutions that are truly natural and effective. The miswak sticks are perhaps the most unusual alternative to conventional pastes in the tube. Peelu is another name for miswak and it comes in both a powder and paste form. There are a few additional powders as well as some very highly rated pastes. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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