Amalgam Detoxification

While most of the attention on oral toxicity is aimed at mercury, there are actually a number of other toxins, each of which requires special attention. This said, in general, what supports removal of mercury tends to aid detoxification of other metals as well, but this is only partly true. Chelation of mercury can be done intravenously or by a combination of herbs and diet. Every individual who has been exposed to mercury has slightly different tolerance levels so the speed at which chelation and detoxification can be safely managed varies widely, from something like a single drop of cilantro stirred into water that is sipped over a period of five days to an ounce at a time. It is therefore best to start slowly and to make sure all the organs of elimination are working optimally.

Most mercury that is mobilized from tissues will be eliminated via the kidneys, but excessive zeal can result in using the skin as an organ of elimination. This is undesirable so caution should be exercised and the kidneys should be supported throughout the detoxification process. If too hasty, there is a risk that mercury that has been mobilized will circulate and be reabsorbed.

For the record, in addition to mercury, there are countless other dental hazards to address. These include fluoride, xenoestrogens, and radiation as well as various anesthetics, disinfectants, and infections.

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