Chaparral Tea, 5 oz.



The active ingredients found in the leaves of chaparral can be made into a warm tea for internal use or sun tea for topical applications.  Use about 7-8 grams (quarter of an ounce) of bulk tea to a quart of water.  If taking internally, drink at least three cups a day.  At this strength, one pouch of tea will last about three to four weeks.  Long-term use is not recommended.

Chaparral leaf can also be powdered and made into a paste and pressed against teeth that are causing pain or that have decay.  If using this Native American approach, be prepared for a rather peculiar taste that many find disgusting.  There is a reason this plant is often called creosote bush.

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Weight 6 oz
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Wildcrafted Larrea tridentata leaf.


Wildcrafted Larrea tridentata leaf.


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