Trace Minerals

Due to modern agricultural practices, most food is nutrient deficient yet minerals are essential for our health. Trace minerals can be found in rather exotic places. Some of the minerals you find here come from the Mesozoic Era and come from fossilized sea vegetables or from deep inside rocks that are cracked open after shifting of tectonic plates. Other minerals come from deep in the ocean or crevices in rocks in the Himalayas or volcanic ash. The exact mineral content depends on the source, but with a product like shilajit, there may be significant differences between samples that were found only inches away from each other. Taking a mixture of different kinds of minerals therefore makes implicit sense. In addition to the minerals sources where the minerals are mostly isolated from plant materials, there are some foods and herbs that are valuable sources of specific minerals that are useful for regeneration. Most minerals are alkalizing and pacifying but they should not be taken in excessive amounts.

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