Fluoride Support

Fluoride is dangerous even when present in only one part per million, yet, since 1945, it has been routinely added to our drinking water and toothpaste as well as many other products used in dentistry such as inlays, onlays, and crowns as well as the bonding agents that are used to cement the restorations to the teeth. Short-term, there may be few detectable symptoms, perhaps some loss of acuity and disruption of the endocrine system; but longer term, fluoride can lead to developmental disorders, dyslexia, reduction in IQ, fluorosis, ossification of the pineal gland, and osteosarcoma. The two herbs most studied in relationship to fluoride are holy basil (tulsi) and tamarind.

In addition to the health issues relating to fluoride, there is reason for concern that by acting on the pineal gland, fluoride toxicity can interfere with our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings with a purpose to fulfill. It is for this reason that efforts to detoxify from fluoride exposure rely on some respected nervines and brain herbs, especially those aiding cognition and the ability to use subtle senses. Topping the list is holy basil, but there are additional herbs to consider.

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