Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient method for removing toxins from the body. Normally, only organic cold-pressed sesame or sunflower oil are used. First thing in the morning, put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish. Use the muscles of your face to force the oil to pass between your teeth. If your muscles tire quickly, use a little less oil. Do not gargle. Try to swish for 20 minutes. In the beginning, this may be difficult so work up to it if you tire. The oil first thins when mixing with saliva and then thickens as it pulls out toxins. The oil is very toxic and should be spit out carefully into a kitchen or bathroom facility with proper drainage. Do not swallow the oil!

After spitting out the oil, rinse your mouth several times with warm water and spit out the water. You can use a good mouthwash or periodontal wash after rinsing with water.

Download Instructions for Oil Pulling

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