Guaiacum Extract, 2 oz.



Guaiacum has been popular since the sixteenth century when it was introduced from the Caribbean as a remedy for diseases of the reproductive system. It is an ingredient in most formulas for spirochete infections but is only rarely used alone. It is an important ingredient in the famous Compound Syrup Scrophularia of the historic Eclectic physician Dr. Eli Jones, sold by Sacred Medicine Sanctuary as Seneca Elixir. Guaiacum is acquiring a reputation for efficacy with rheumatoid arthritis and tonsillitis, probably because it addresses underlying conditions, i.e., causal factors such as microscopic organisms that may be associated with better known conditions.

Botanical Name

Guaiacum officinale

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1:5 Extract of Wildcrafted Lignum vitae (Guaiacum officinale) Resin in Organic Grain Alcohol USF and Distilled Water.

Alcohol Content: 90%.